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Run for the hills, New Orleans!

What a way to kick off a newsletter!


It's boring to harp on about the same old thing. So why are people always doing it? One theory goes that we're all closet sadists, and that the minute, grinding tortures we practice on one another satisfy us in some deviant way. If you're torturing someone, they must be in your power, after all. It feels good to have someone in your power. If you're Hitler! Well, here's some good advice for when you encounter someone stuck on repeat: walk away! Leave them hanging! Let them pester someone else!

Or rather, don't. Please don't. Stay. Because it's time for US to harp on about the same old thing. No, not the econopocalypse again. That's so last week. No, let's talk about books.

Mmmmm, books! Yes, books! You won't find deeper or more lasting satisfaction from any other class of inanimate object! A lot of thought was put into that last sentence, and we're going to stick by it. Even a visit to Toys in Babeland won't satisfy like a good book. Yes, we believe that. Honestly. So, come on down to Spine and Crown- and save a fortune on batteries!

But we're not really here to pester. In fact, since we discovered that the word "pester" comes from the Latin pastoria, meaning "rope to hobble an animal," we feel less inclined to use it. We're not here to hobble you! We'll settle for lightening your wallet!

Had we been the betting kind, we'd have bet the non-existent farm that "pester" was rooted in "pest." And yet, it's not! Language- how tortuous! And torturous!


New this week:

All items mentioned below are first come, first serve. If you want something, let us know post-haste! All new items sell for cover price, used items as marked. Sadly, trade credit cannot be used for new items.

Our books are always searchable via ABEbooks.


Doom Fox, Iceberg Slim.

This guy was a pimp. Really, really a pimp. He went to jail. For pimping. Or knifing someone, we're not sure. But then, in a grand revelation, at the final moment of a faux execution staged by his captors, he discovered the WORD. That's right, language. Like how we tie this all together? And he used language to explore human foibles, particularly among the tribes of pimps and hos.

Some of the Dostoyevsky bio we've been reading might have bled in there a little, but in essence, it's TRUE! And isn't essence what it's all about? ($7.50) [Sold]

Also available: Trick Baby: The Biography of a Con Man. ($6)


Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass, Bruno Schulz. (Out of print)

Joking aside, this is brilliant work by an author and artist whose life was cut tragically short.

From his wikipedia entry:
[Schulz] was temporarily protected by Felix Landau, a Gestapo officer who admired his drawings. During the last weeks of his life, Schulz painted a mural in Landau's home in Drohobycz, in the style with which he is identified. Shortly after completing the work, Schulz was bringing home a loaf of bread when he was shot and killed by a German officer, Karl Günther, a rival of his protector (Landau had killed Günther's "personal Jew," a dentist). Over the years his mural was covered with paint and forgotten.
($20) [Sold]


The Inner Lives of Minerals, Plants, and Animals
, Manly P. Hall.

This guy was a 33° Mason. What he didn't know wasn't worth knowing.

Digital computing? Invented it.

Atlantis? Built it.

He's typing this right now!



A Seal Flies By, R.H. Pearson.

"Not only for the amateur animal lover." Indeed.

We'll leave that where it lies. ($7.50) [Sold]


Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci, Stephen Thrower.

The author of this book- this is a true story, now- once told me that he had made a better book than Fulci deserved. Is this a devastating put-down? Or is it self-congratulation? Not for us to say- but it is a really pretty book! It's long out of print and a prime example of why FAB Press is fabulous!

Fulci directed the best zombie movie ever made: Zombie Flesh Eaters aka Zombi 2. That movie has an underwater sequence where a zombie fights a shark! An actual zombie fighting an actual shark! Do you know how long you have to hang out under water to get an encounter between these legendary predators on film?!?

He also directed The Beyond, perhaps the second best Zombie movie ever made. Which takes place iiiiinnnn.... wait for it..... New Orleans! Full circle! Hot damn! And all done with LANGUAGE! ($140)


Free Music Archive:

Would you take a free Charles Manson album if they gave it to you?


Everything's turning into a pile of shit.

Except this.


These ants do not need males.


# of weeks since Spine and Crown inception: 180

# of weeks since inception that no mention of Spine and Crown has appeared in the print edition of The Stranger: 180


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you're looking for zombies, you might find Pride & Prejudice & Zombies amusing; I mentioned the book here, quoting the Amazon description:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.” So begins Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, an expanded edition of the beloved Jane Austen novel featuring all-new scenes of bone-crunching zombie mayhem.

2:22 PM  
Blogger K. said...

I've seen it. A much needed improvement on this time-worn carcass of a novel!

2:50 PM  

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