Sunday, August 09, 2009

August is INSANE!

It seems like everyone is flipping out all around us! All that heat must have baked some brain pans, judging by the ample evidence! Wailing! Gnashing of teeth! Sweat! Hominy and fatback! Some people are leaving, some are moving across town, and some have just slipped beneath the waves! Old Nicodemus will be pleased about that!

There must be something in the water. Other than traces of antibiotics and prescription anti-depressants (are there any other kind?) Or maybe that would do it? Anyone got a degree in forensic toxicology? Vincent Gallo, chin model and auteur, once wrote, "If you're feeling froggy... jump!" But which direction, Vinnie? Which direction?

Oh, for an ounce of stability! Nobody's even sure of what they want anymore! We know a guy who until recently would never settle for anything less than a hardcover first edition of every book he bought. Now he's lucky to afford a handful of loose pages from a tenth edition wrapped in limp biscuit dough! Does he even want that? Who knows? But there he goes with his biscuit dough! Find an oven, buddy!

What prospect for love in such a climate? What prospect for respect? And what respect for prospects? Most importantly, what prospect for profits? Our triple-A rating was recently downgraded by the Brazilian government! The indignity!

You know that thing that surfers do? When they race along a wave that's crashing over them? They call that "shooting the hoop," or "draping the barrel," or something like that. Well, it's a perfect moment when it happens and can make up for an entire day of shitty surfing. So, for all you S&C-lovers out there who are surfing like shit, we're wishing you a perfect moment. It's not much, but it's not like we can live your lives FOR you! So, shoot your hoop already! Drape that barrel! Wax your thigh! Cartwheels! Cartwheels! Cartwheels!

Hurry up, September!


This week:

All items mentioned below are first come, first serve. If you want something, let us know post-haste (because they're also for sale on the interweb)! All new items sell for cover price, used items as marked. Sadly, trade credit cannot be used for new items.

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Écrits: A Selection, Jacques Lacan
(Hardcover, first edition in English)

Another French giant:

"Lacan was an active intellectual of the inter-war period; he associated with André Breton and Georges Bataille, Salvador Dalí and Pablo Picasso. He attended the mouvement Psyché founded by Maryse Choisy. He published in the Surrealist journal Minotaure and attended the first, public reading of Ulysses."

He also made a baby with Bataille's wife when old Georges wasn't looking. Naughty Jacques!



A Guide to Western Historical Scripts from Antiquity to 1600, Michelle P. Brown

People have been writing funny for millions of years. It didn't start with this newsletter, though you'd be forgiven for thinking so!

You're curious. What kind of funny writings happened before you were born? Well, curiosity is natural. What's unnatural is to ignore that curiosity and deny yourself the ownership of a fine and funny book.

Oh, and the doctor called. Says you're going to need surgery on that palimpsest. Don't worry. It's outpatient.

($23) [Sold]


The Temple of the Golden Pavilion
, Yukio Mishima
(Paperback, first paperback edition)

This guy wrote 12 novels by the time he was 33 and stuck a knife in his own guts when he was 45. Twelve years after he had written his twelfth novel. Spooky.

($15) [Sold]


Wallace Berman: Retrospective, Fellows of Contemporary Art
(Paperback, out of print)

A 13th century Kabbalistic work called the Sefer ha-Temunah claims that this world is beset by evils because one of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet is imperfect (or perhaps missing altogether). As each age defines the meanings of words anew, the imperfections grow. This really has nothing to do with Wallace Berman, except that he painted Hebrew letters obsessively in his work. Was he trying to fix the universe?

($45) [Sold]


The Heavenly Tree Grows Upward: Selected Works by Harry Smith, Philip Taaffe, and Fred Tomaselli
(Paperback, out of print)

From Kabbalah to alchemy by way of King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me Oh. Harry Smith (b. Portland, OR, 1923 - filmmaker, painter, mystic, nutjob) will probably always be remembered best as an archivist. His Anthology of American Folk Music is a portrait that captures the ridiculous vitality and sheer lunacy of days gone by. If there was a world we could choose to live in, it would be that one. Thank you, Harry!

($50) [Sold]


Find an oven, buddy!


Everything's turning into a pile of shit.

Except this.




# of weeks since Spine and Crown inception: 196

# of weeks since inception that no mention of Spine and Crown has appeared in the print edition of The Stranger: 196


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